Peter Assmann, Bai Yun, Franca Batich, Patrizia Bigarella, Raffaella Busdon, Barbara Cecchini, Claudia Cervo, Elisabetta Cioffi, Francesca Danese, Massimo De Angelini, Alfred De Locatelli, Alexander Fasekasch, Caterina Gerardi, Ferdinand Goetz, Eva Hradil, Luise Kloos, Petra Koppl, Patrick Lee, Mauro Martoriati, Oliveros & Rodriguez, Bruno Paladin, Valentina Piredda-Sardinia, Marco Prenninger, Cinzia Qing Yueg Yue, Liliya Radoeva Destradi, Franco Rosso, Miljenka Šepić, Walter Stancich Milan, Davide Skerlj, Alessandro Vascotto, Franco Vecchiet, Wang Jian, Josip Zanchi, Zhang Hui, Gloria Zoitl

Discover an Eye for Beauty
Rodin once said, “Beauty is everywhere. The world is not lacking in beauty, but in eyes to discover it”. The theme of this exhibition is “Beauty is Everywhere”, and to my surprise, we received positive re-sponses from 35 artists from all over the world, who enthusiastically shared with us their understand-ing, knowledge and thoughts about beauty. Many of the artists’ perceptions of beauty have been com-bined with their own life experiences and creative experiences, and are therefore both unique and pro-found, which is equivalent to constructing an extremely rich dimension of interpretation and practical examples for the theme of “Beauty is Everywhere”. In my opinion, beauty is both concrete and abstract; it can be as concrete as a detail, such as a colour or a line, but it can also be abstracted into an image, a mood, imagination, or even a feeling of lasting happiness, etc. I am very glad that through this exhibition, although they are all small works, I have learned about the different interpretations of beauty by artists from different cultural backgrounds, and I feel that it is very rich, diversified and full, which also shows the openness and inclusiveness of this exhibition in Shanghai. From this, I really feel that the discussion about “beauty” is actually subjective, but the ex-perience of beauty is real. It is a transcendence of ordinary life, an embellishment, an improvement, a nourishment, and an empowerment. All we need to do is work hard to cultivate our eyes and hearts, to discover beauty. Because beauty is actually everywhere, it’s all around us.

Fu Jun
Art Critic & Curator,
Shanghai, China

In search of Beauty: an Art Critic’s analysis
Certainly, beauty is everywhere, and art attests to this reality. In this exhibition as well, the message is clear: Beauty exists everywhere. In today’s world we find ourselves grappling with profound changes brought about by the media and virtual civilization, which are shaping a so-ciety with simplified, even weak, convictions imposed by newer media and social platforms, masters of hidden and passive persuasion. As a result, the appreciation of beauty can no longer be taken for granted. Thus, the 35 artists involved in this exhibition, representing a variety of countries and continents, reintroduce painting, photography as expressive languages to affirm the intellectual, communicative, and dialogic capacity of humanity in the realm of sharing and validating visions and knowledge. In terms of style, the exhibition mainly features informal and abstract art, alt-hough many works highlight the role of drawing as the key tool that teaches us to “see” in the sense of interpretation. Together with painting, it ignites our imagination. While there’s no single dominant style, we can identify three main themes in this exhibition: art that starts from visual perception, in-terpretation, or imagination. The catalog provides insights into the ideas that inspired each work, guiding the artists in their creative processes. Some artworks include human figures, showing that art helps us explore the mys-teries of existence. Collectively, the exhibited works redefine ‘beauty’ as a flexible and ever-evolving concept. Individually, they embody a principle of beauty that knows how to make use of ideas, memory, harmony, form, and even complexity. This exhibition revitalizes art through aesthetics, prioritizing our senses over complex beauty debates. It shows how paying attention to what we see, hear, and feel can make us more sensitive and aware. The show offers a vibrant blend of styles and expressions, full of positive energy, blended in a kaleidoscope like an alchemical display, proving that art can embrace globalization, challenge cultural stagnation, and foster creative thinking. “Beauty exists everywhere” shows that art is life, exploration, beauty, and hope. While it may not necessarily save the world, it unquestionably has the capacity to enhance human experience for the better. The artists present are already playing their part, showing that the essence of art lies, not in impos-ing a single interpretation on different individuals, but in suggesting different interpretations to each person.

Franco Rosso
Art Critic
Trieste, Italy, Oct 2023

When Ms. Lisa Chen, curator, came to our association with a proposal of collaboration with Bu Er Jiang Xing Art Gallery in Shanghai China to have an International Art Exhibition titled “Beauty Exists Everywhere”, we considered this invitation as a breath of fresh air after the COVID-19 pandemic, and accepted with great pleasure. After completing numerous demanding tasks including complex bureaucratic procedures, meticulous artist curation, translations…. we invited 35 talented artists to present their artworks and to share their thoughts. They are from Austria, Bulgaria, China, Cuba, Croatia, and Italy. To facilitate widespread sharing and presentation, we have created an online catalog available in both English and Chinese for the public, which provides an interesting perspective on the artists’ thoughts on the theme “ Beauty Exists Everywhere”. Our deepest appreciation goes to the Director of Bu Er Jiang Xing Art Gallery, Mr. Filippo Huang, whose generous invitation brought us together in the vibrant city of Shanghai, China. My heartfelt appreciation goes to the dedicated team of our non-profit organization the Art Projects Association (APA): artists Patrizia Bigarella, Raffaella Busdon, and Franco Rosso. Their expertise, enthusiasm and generous support have been invaluable throughout this journey and in so many others. Our collaboration has spanned numerous projects over the years, culminating in significant exhibitions in Italy and abroad. I am profoundly honoured to be with them. Thanks to the Deutschvilla Contemporary Art Museum in Strobl, Austria and to its director and curator, artist Ferdinand Goetz, for his fruitful cooperation. Our appreciation also goes to Mr. Luigi Lauzana, Mr. Emanuele Maier, Ms. Claudia Crosera and Mr. Davide Skerlj for their helpful assistance. Last, but certainly not least, we wholeheartedly extend our deepest gratitude and appreciation to Ms. Lisa Chen, a genuine ambassador of cultural exchange. Her dedication and resilience have been the driving force behind this journey from the very beginning. As Ms. Lisa Chen eloquently expresses, “I firmly believe that art and culture serve as unwavering bridges to mutual understanding and cooperation. Beauty gives a positive energy to us as human beings”.

Qing Yue Giancovich
President, Art Projects Association
Trieste, ITALY Oct, 2023

Bu Er Jiang Xing Gallery, 27 Hu Qiu Road, Shanghai, China
Dal 13.01.2024 al 02.02.2024.
Inaugurazione: 12.01.2024 ore 16



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